Spears & Accessories

  • Cold Steel MAA English Bil 2 Pieces - 89MEN

    Cold Steel MAA English Bil 2 Pieces - 89MEN

    Like a surprising amount of historical battlefield weapons, the English Bill or "Bill Hook" owes its origins to agricultural use. This ancient forestry tool was used by peasants to hook creeping vines and hard-to-reach branches, clear foliage and - when...

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  • Cold Steel MAA European Boar Spear - 95MBOA

    Cold Steel MAA European Boar Spear - 95MBOA

    Our European Boar Spear takes inspiration from antique Germanic hunting spears. With its characteristically broad, oversized head and twin cutting edges and pronounced double quillons it is a high performance example of this iconic hunting tool.Featuring...

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  • Cold Steel MAA Sargents Halberd - 89MSG

    Cold Steel MAA Sargents Halberd - 89MSG

    Lighter, faster and more maneuverable, the Sergeant's Halberd was a deceptively quick and astonishingly effective weapon of war. Cold Steel's interpretation of the Sergeant's Halberd is representative of the battlefield incarnation of this historical...

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  • Cold Steel Samburu Spear

    Cold Steel Samburu Spear

    The Samburu tribe who inhabit Kenya's rugged northern frontier are a tall, lean people who eke out a living as semi-nomadic herders of sheep, goats, donkeys, camels and cattle. The warriors of the tribe known as "Lmurran" are particularly impressive, as...

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  • Cold Steel Tiger Fork

    Cold Steel Tiger Fork

    Back in the early 1990's, Cold Steel's President Lynn C Thompson purchased a handmade Chinese Tiger Fork to add to his collection. He fitted it with an old rattan staff and has trained with it ever since. Lynn greatly enjoys reading tales of hunting...

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  • Pudao


    Manufacture ID: SH2072The Chinese Pudao, originally an infantry weapon, has been adopted into the martial arts and its use in the hands of a skilled practitioner is spectacular. The Pudao is a weapon to be coveted by infantry of old and modern martial...

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  • Samburu Spear - (Black Finish)

    Samburu Spear - (Black Finish)

    Manufacture ID: 95SBEach of the Samburu spears break down into three components: The first is the spear head itself, permanently welded to a thick steel shaft. Second is the counter balancing butt spike also known as the shoe. This is used as an...

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  • Shuriken Set

    Shuriken Set

    Manufacture ID: OH1085The Shuriken (darts) of the Ninja included various projectiles such as dirks, darts and star-shaped discs, all forming part of the art of shurikenjutsu, which was an important part of the Ninja's armoury. The Shuriken Set (OH1085)...

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  • Sure Strike - Light Pack of 3

    Sure Strike - Light Pack of 3

    Manufacture ID: 80SSC3ZEveryone likes throwing knives! The simple sport of throwing a knife is fun. And no sound is more satisfying then a thrown knife as it "thunks" and sticks a wooden target. Whether you're skilled at knife throwing or are just...

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  • Tiger Fork

    Tiger Fork

    Manufacture ID: 95BTFTheir interpretation of this classic Martial Artists weapon features an elongated central spike to maximize its thrusting potential and inwardly curved outer forks to increase the success of trapping techniques. By deftly twisting...

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  • Viking Spear - Short-Bladed

    Viking Spear - Short-Bladed

    Manufacture ID: XH2040The Viking Short Bladed Spear is typical of those of Celtic origin, imported into Scandinavia. The short blade, inherently stiffer and more resistant to bending or breaking, was capable of piercing any body armour of the period...

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  • Viking Spear - Throwing

    Viking Spear - Throwing

    Manufacture ID: XH2039The Nordic warrior frequently carried several light Throwing Spears into combat. This style displays the narrow, sharply pointed head designed to pierce mail. Several spears might be carried in the shield hand in a charge. These...

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  • Viking Spear - War

    Viking Spear - War

    Manufacture ID: XH1078At 6' 8 long, on a 1 diameter shaft, our War Spear (XH1078) has a distinct Viking ancestry and Frankish styling. The lugged head is balanced by a tailspike, providing the ultimate in pillaging pieces.Key Features:- Forged steel head...

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