• CRKT Trencher Spade

    CRKT Trencher Spade

    The Trencher entrenching tool is a great blend of ergonomics, aerodynamics, and good old-fashioned grit and determination. A unique three position heavy-duty shovel head features an aggressive and sharp wood saw on one side and a beveled edge for cutting...

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  • Schrade Telescoping Folding Shovel

    Schrade Telescoping Folding Shovel

    The Schrade Telescoping Folding Shovel is made from 1055 carbon steel with a sharpened shovel blade. It's has a telescoping handle that extends up to 19 inches in length. The PP handle has an aluminum inner tube. A black polyester belt sheath is included...

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  • SOG Elite Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) - F19-N

    SOG Elite Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) - F19-N

    When you need to get down and dirty, SOGs new Elite E-Tool (E, of course, stands for entrenching) is just the ticket. A shade over two feet in length, the E-tool can be deployed in conditions as varied as desert sand, backyard snow or around a campfire...

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