Scales & Powder Accessories

  • "E-ZEE Prime" Hand Priming Tool GS115944_1

    "E-ZEE Prime" Hand Priming Tool

    Manufacture ID: 7777810The system works with any popular brand of standard shellholder and allows instant changeover between primer sizes. Includes two primer trays, each of which incorporate their own built-in large or small primer punch assembly. There...

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  • 1500 Pocket Touch Scale Kit

    1500 Pocket Touch Scale Kit

    Manufacture ID: 7750725The Pocket-Touch 1500 offers full size performance in a very compact, portable design. The scale is just yet provides advanced touch screen controls and a full 1500 grain capacity. The scale comes with the patented Universal Funnel...

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  • 375 (.371) Neck Turner Mandrel

    375 (.371) Neck Turner Mandrel

    Manufacture ID: 7810162Lyman Neck Turner Mandrels designed to work with Lyman Outside Neck Turner only. These Neck Turner Mandrels are built to exacting standards using selected top grade materialsSpecifications:- Size: 375 Caliber .371 Neck Turner...

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  • 50 BMG Powder Measure

    50 BMG Powder Measure

    Manufacture ID: 05012750 BMG Powder MeasureIncludes an over-sized hopper tube, 265 grain capacity metering unit and a see-through extended drop tube so you can confirm a complete powder drop into the case.

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  • Brass Smith Powder Measure

    Brass Smith Powder Measure

    Manufacture ID: 7767700Lyman’s Brass Smith Powder Measure is unmatched for value, features and performance! Whether dropping charges for small pistol cases or large rifle cases, this measure gives consistent and accurate performance. The CNC machined...

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  • Chargemaster Combo 240-Vac/Eur

    Chargemaster Combo 240-Vac/Eur

    Manufacture ID: 98924The ChargeMaster Combo features the ChargeMaster 1500 Scale and ChargeMaster Dispenser, preassembled to form an unmatched combination of speed and accuracy. There is no longer a need for timely calibration to the type of powder being...

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  • Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

    Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

    Manufacture ID: 98923The RCBS ChargeMaster Combo takes the accurate ChargeMaster Scale and Charge Master Dispenser and combines them into one unit. No longer do reloaders have to calibrate their dispensers to the type of powder being dispensed. Type in...

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  • Chargemaster Dispenser

    Chargemaster Dispenser

    Manufacture ID: 98922The RCBS ChargeMaster Powder Dispenser is designed to work with all types of smokeless powder. Simply take the dispenser and connect it to either 110 or 220 volt ChargeMaster 1500 Scale (Not Included) and have an accurate way to...

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  • Crusher  Expert Kit

    Crusher Expert Kit

    Manufacture ID: 7810120Lyman's popular Crusher II Expert Kit has always been the one kit with a complete selection of top quality equipment - including the Universal Case Trimmer. This is a truly complete selection of the best reloading tools in one...

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  • Digital Powder System (115/230V) - Gen 5 GS116006_1

    Digital Powder System (115/230V) - Gen 5

    Manufacture ID: 7750600Lyman Gen 5 Touch Screen Powder Scale and Dispenser 110/220 VoltLyman is one of the most recognized names in reloading, producing innovative tools for serious shooters and reloaders. Offering products that get the job done while...

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  • DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale

    DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale

    Manufacture ID: 205205The Frankford Arsenal DS-750 delivers extreme accuracy for precise measurement of powder, bullets, cases or loaded rounds. With 1/10th grain accuracy you will be able to achieve the maximum potential of your handloads. An integrated...

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  • Flash Hole Uniformer

    Flash Hole Uniformer

    Manufacture ID: 7777760This handy tool removes internal flash hole burrs. Features a tool steel cutter which is inserted into the flash hole through the case neck. Adjustable stop collar allows use with any size case. Burrs are removed with a clockwise...

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