Turkey, Gobblers & Misc Calls

  • Bombshell


    Manufacture ID: PS209Simply push the rail to automatically yelp, tap the rail to cut, and slowly press the rail to purr or whine.The Bombshell's rail can be adjusted to tune the call for higher or raspier pitch. It can also be locked for quiet carry. In...

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  • Double Gobble

    Double Gobble

    Manufacture ID: 274The Double Gobble is perfect for challenging gobblers to come in or locating them. Added to the Double Gobble was the ability to attach a bellow tube to the mouth piece which makes producing a Jake or Mature Gobble effortless!...

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  • Flambeau Turkey Spring Arsenal

    Flambeau Turkey Spring Arsenal

    This combo package includes every call needed to get that spring gobbler. This combo features the boom box call, the glassinator, a crow call, and the shipp wreck mouth call. Includes every call needed to battle stubborn spring gobblers Box call, reed...

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  • Spring Gobbler Call GS52183_1

    Spring Gobbler Call

    Manufacture ID: CC041The Cass Creek electronic Spring Gobbler call featuring five proven spring gobbler-attracting calls that are all authentic recordings of the real thingCalls included:- Spring Yelp- High pitched hen yelps call a gobbler to mate- Purr-...

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  • Wingbone Yelper

    Wingbone Yelper

    Manufacture ID: PS348The Wing Bone Yelper was probably one of the first turkey calls used by Native American Indians to call turkeys. The Wing Bone Yelper consisted of the three bones of a turkey's wing, but the call has been perfected with modern...

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