Turkey, Friction/Slate Calls

  • Friction Call, Turkey - Bamboozled Pot, Trap

    Friction Call, Turkey - Bamboozled Pot, Trap

    Manufacture ID: 241The Primos Bamboozled pot call creates sharp, high pitched yelps. Many do not know this but bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel. The density of the bamboo cast...

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  • Friction Call, Turkey - Power Crystal

    Friction Call, Turkey - Power Crystal

    Manufacture ID: 217Because of its unsurpassed reproduction of a hen's full range of volume, pitch and tone, this is a #1 seller year after year. The Power Crystal's super hard surface easily peaks at 15,000 Hz due to a combination of the crystal surface...

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  • Friction Call, Turkey - Sonic Dome Crystal Pot

    Friction Call, Turkey - Sonic Dome Crystal Pot

    Manufacture ID: 248The Sonic Dome from Primos peaks out at over 15,000 hz giving you unbelievable volume in a pocket sized call. Perfect for long range locating or for windy days when volume is an absolute must, the Sonic Dome is at home in any turkey...

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  • Mini Hook Up

    Mini Hook Up

    Manufacture ID: 278Primos introduces the next call in the Hook Up line. The Hook Up series is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it. The ultra-strong magnet holds the paddle at the perfect...

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  • Striker - 3-Pack

    Striker - 3-Pack

    Manufacture ID: 687The striker pak produces a full range of pitches from very high to low frequencies. The Purple Heart Striker is designed for easy handling and control, to increase the accuracy of your calling. The GraveDigger Striker is crafted from...

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  • Striker - Cuttin'

    Striker - Cuttin'

    Manufacture ID: PS1508The mushroom-tipped head of the Cuttin' Striker specializes in breaking into the sharp notes required to sound like hen cutting. The Cuttin' Striker is a very forgiving striker, which helps you to make fewer mistakes. The Cuttin'...

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  • Striker - Triple Seven

    Striker - Triple Seven

    Manufacture ID: PS1504Want to win? Play the Triple Seven Striker and watch the toms roll in. The Triple Seven Striker reacts on slate or glass with unmatched precision. It is an all-around striker that produces awesome cuts, purrs and kee-kee runs. It is...

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