Predator, Calls & Accessories

  • BOSS Dogg GS169246_1

    BOSS Dogg

    Manufacture ID: 3757The Boss Dogg is Primos redneck dreams come true. It comes with a wireless random motion decoy that can be placed 30 yards from the speaker. Powered by three 50 watt Class-D amplifiers, there is No Distortion! Simple to use remote...

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  • CatNip


    Manufacture ID: 355This call creates the meow of a bobcat, as well as rabbit and fawn distress calls. Cat Nip is a bite and blow style call. You control the tone and pitch by varying the pressure of your bite and regulating the amount of air you blow...

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  • Fox Call

    Fox Call

    Manufacture ID: CC096Cass Creek Ergo Fox Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek Ergo Fox Electronic Game Call features real live fox calls. The...

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  • Hog Call - Squealer

    Hog Call - Squealer

    Manufacture ID: PS321Hog squeals are made by both boars and sows. The squeals of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig. Because of the wild hog's strong pack instinct and its curious nature, they will often investigate the sounds of...

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  • Mega Amp Coyote Call

    Mega Amp Coyote Call

    Manufacture ID: CC416The Mega Amp from Cass Creek bust through wind to bring in the big game-what every hunter wants from their stand alone, handheld game call. Louder than the Amplifier series, the enhanced speaker system really brings in the game. ...

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  • Mini Call - Predator

    Mini Call - Predator

    Manufacture ID: CC334Cass Creek Mini Game Calls may be small in stature but they are big on performance. Effective at over 200 yards, a Cass Creek Mini is easy to use and handy to carry along! Note: The demo has a human voiceover that is not on the...

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  • Predator Call

    Predator Call

    Manufacture ID: CC010The Cass Creek electronic Predator call featuring five proven predator-attracting calls that are all authentic recordings of the real thingCalls included:- Coyote Locator- The locator call of an adult female coyote- Cottontail...

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  • Predator Call - "Still" Mouse Squeaker

    Predator Call - "Still" Mouse Squeaker

    Manufacture ID: PS324The Still Mouse Squeaker is great for attracting predators close because it reproduces the sounds of field mice and other rodents. The hands free option lets you keep your gun up and ready. The perfect close range coaxer!Features:-...

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  • Predator Call - Hot Dog

    Predator Call - Hot Dog

    Manufacture ID: PS351This Hot Dog is one bad dog! Fool those educated coyotes. The mouthpiece detaches from the horn to sound like two distinctly different coyotes. This will give you the edge during mating season and battling over territorial boundaries...

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  • Predator Call - Lil' Dog

    Predator Call - Lil' Dog

    Manufacture ID: PS350A small howler with a big bite. The Lil' Dog comes with two separate mouthpieces: just pop the white one on for long-range calling and the green one on for close-in calling. The detachable horn gives it great versatility. The Lil'...

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  • Predator Call - Mastering The Art Predator Pak

    Predator Call - Mastering The Art Predator Pak

    Manufacture ID: 354Mastering the Art of the coyote language is easy when you have a good teacher. Randy Anderson will show you step-by-step, how to bring those coyotes on in. Randy shares his unique system of howling in coyotes as well as more commonly...

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  • Predator II Call GS52184_1

    Predator II Call

    Manufacture ID: CC058The Cass Creek electronic Predator II call featuring five proven predator-attracting calls that are all authentic recordings of the real thingCalls included:- Woodpecker Wail- Shrill and piercing repetitive- Raccoon Pups- Young coon...

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  • Sound Stick - Mini Bear

    Sound Stick - Mini Bear

    Manufacture ID: EDMSS706The Mini Sound Stick - Bear is an interchangeable sound stick the size of a stick of gum and can be used in any Mini Phantom Digital Call. They produce 8-bit sound quality and up to 110db of volume, sure to bring in any predator...

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  • Sound Stick - Mini Predator 2

    Sound Stick - Mini Predator 2

    Manufacture ID: EDMSS709Predator 2 Interchangeable Sound StickFeatures:- For use with the mini phantom digital call and mini phantom remote digital call- 5 Extremely effective sounds and mute- Streamlined- Best sound quality in it's class - Sounds:...

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