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  • Elk Call - 3-Pack

    Elk Call - 3-Pack

    Manufacture ID: 1650The collection of calls will allow you to reproduce every distinct sound that elk make cows, calves, spikes, satellite bulls, mature bull growls, bugles and chuckles, as well as Estrus cow cries. These Sonic Dome calls truly Speak The...

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  • Elk Call - Baffle Bugle GS56643_1

    Elk Call - Baffle Bugle

    Manufacture ID: 938The Baffle Bugle allows you to precisely control volume while maintaining the high pitched bugles that bulls make. A baffle was put in the tube, that opens for greater volume or closes for greater back pressure, so you can bugle those...

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  • Elk Call - Bull Horn

    Elk Call - Bull Horn

    Manufacture ID: 912The Bull Horn is easy, accurate, and super compact. Together the patented Support Shelf mouthpiece and expandable hose of the Bull Horn enable you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones. The hose is also...

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  • Elk Call - Elk Hunter's Master Pack

    Elk Call - Elk Hunter's Master Pack

    Manufacture ID: 943Become a master elk hunter with our Elk Hunters Master Pak. Learn how to reproduce accurate elk sounds with this Mastering the Art Instructional DVD. In addition to the tools of the trade provided to you, included is an Instructional...

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  • Elk Call - Lip Service

    Elk Call - Lip Service

    Manufacture ID: 945Lip Service drives Bulls crazy. It is a simple sliding note that has the high pitch of cows and calves. The Lip Service gets its guts from the famous "Hoochie MAMA" but can be manipulated to get varying pitches proven to call Bull Elk...

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  • Elk Call - Mastering The Art Pack

    Elk Call - Mastering The Art Pack

    Manufacture ID: 1651This in-depth CD will teach you to Speak The Language of elk. Listen and practice along as you are given instructions and tips on how to become an expert caller. Three easy-to-blow calls are included with the CD to help you figure...

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  • Elk Call - Mini Sonic Dome 3-Pack

    Elk Call - Mini Sonic Dome 3-Pack

    Manufacture ID: 1652For those of you with small mouths or young callers, the Mini Sonic Dome Elk 3-Pak is the way to go. Having all 3 Mini Sonic Domes will allow you to determine which one is your favorite, and to create every sound a cow or bull elk can...

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  • Elk Call - Mini Sonic Dome Single

    Elk Call - Mini Sonic Dome Single

    Manufacture ID: PS1647You have to try a Mini Sonic Dome. This is not simply a call for youth or people who perceive they have a small mouth. People, who have been calling with regular size mouth calls for years, will be blown away at the elk sounds they...

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  • Moose Call

    Moose Call

    Manufacture ID: CC089Cass Creek Ergo Moose Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek Ergo Moose Electronic Game Call features real live moose calls. ...

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  • On The Double

    On The Double

    Manufacture ID: 949Primos On the DoubleFeatures:- Produces Sound of Two Different Estrus Cows at Once- Allows User to Mimic Sound of Two Cows Fighting for Attention Herd Bull- Two Reeds Allow Complete Range of Sounds

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  • Sound Stick - Mini Elk

    Sound Stick - Mini Elk

    Manufacture ID: EDMSS705The Mini Sound Stick - Elk is an interchangeable sound stick the size of a stick of gum and can be used in any Mini Phantom Digital Call. They produce 8-bit sound quality and up to 110db of volume, sure to bring in any predator...

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