Tools and Accessories

  • 10" Leader Crimp, Black/Gray

    10" Leader Crimp, Black/Gray

    Manufacture ID: 1366260Penn Leader Crimps feature ergonomic handles and are constructed from corrosion resistance stainless steel. Jaws crimp sleeves ranging from 0.1mm-2.2mm. Other features include locking mechanism for easy storage and dual side...

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  • 11" Titanium Bonded Crimper

    11" Titanium Bonded Crimper

    Manufacture ID: 18836The 11" Cuda Crimper features an integrated Titanium Bonded Wire Cutter that will stay sharper for a longer period of time. The handles are Cuda scale pattern and allow for non-slip grip. The full tang construction is visible through...

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  • 3 1/2" Titanium Bonded Shucking Knife

    3 1/2" Titanium Bonded Shucking Knife

    Manufacture ID: 18182With full-tang construction and German 4116 corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade, this knife is made to last.Features:- For Prying and Shucking- Titanium Bonded - 3x harder than steel blades stay sharper longer- Rust/Corrosion...

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  • 3 Pack Accessory, Hunt

    3 Pack Accessory, Hunt

    Manufacture ID: 0TRG-00HThe Accessory 3-pack: split ring, universal gear, and game call attachments (Hunting)Features:- Removable split-ring, universal gear attachment, and game call accessory pack for all T-Reign retractable gear tethers- Rugged black...

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  • 3" Titanium Bonded Micro Scissor

    3" Titanium Bonded Micro Scissor

    Manufacture ID: 18826Cuda 3" Micro Scissors will cut mono and braided line. The Titanium Bonded blades feature dual micro-serrations and are 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper for a longer period of time. Oversized Cuda scale pattern...

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  • 5 Prong Jumbo Fish Spear

    5 Prong Jumbo Fish Spear

    Manufacture ID: AFISH5JEagle Claw Jumbo 5 Prong All-metal Fish Spear with barbed prongs. Pre-drilled to accept a stick or pole.Specifications:- Number of Prongs: 5- Material: Steel

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  • 50 Lb Grip & Scale

    50 Lb Grip & Scale

    Manufacture ID: 18847The Cuda 11.5" Grip & Scale will grab and weigh fish up to 50 lbs. The tool features Aluminum Alloy structure and a non-slip, Cuda scale pattern grip. Includes a convenient lanyard.- Aluminum Alloy structure- Integrated 50 lb scale-...

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  • 6" Plier Sheath, Black

    6" Plier Sheath, Black

    Manufacture ID: DPLR-SHThe 2 Position Daiwa 6" Plier Sheath features a removable belt/pocket clip and durable nylon construction.Specifications:- Material: Durable Nylon- Compatibility: 6" Tools- Color: Black w/ Daiwa Logo

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  • 6.75" Titanium Bonded Diagonal Wire Cutters

    6.75" Titanium Bonded Diagonal Wire Cutters

    Manufacture ID: 18827Cuda 6.75" Wire Cutters have high leverage compound action and are designed to cut wire, mono and fluorocarbon. The full-tang, durable construction is visible through the Cuda scale pattern, non-slip handle grips. High-Carbon...

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  • 7" Titanium Bonded Ring Splitter

    7" Titanium Bonded Ring Splitter

    Manufacture ID: 18838This 7" Ring Splitter is perfect for cutting line, wire and open/close hook eyes. With High Carbon Titanium Bonded steel and full tang construction that can be seen through the non-slip Cuda scale pattern handles. Features an...

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  • Aerator Pump

    Aerator Pump

    Manufacture ID: 11050-004Just 1 "D" battery provides the power for this portable Air Pump that's perfectly suited for smaller bait buckets. Simply clip it to your bait bucket and go! On / off switch. Includes 24" of tubing and an aerator stone...

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  • Ardent 6 inch Six Piece Multi Tool

    Ardent 6 inch Six Piece Multi Tool

    The Ardent 6" Multi Tool features 6 different useful tools for you to use in your everyday life, or while out catching your next prize. These tools include pliers, Phillips screwdriver, 420 stainless steel knife, coarse/fine file, and LED light and a...

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