Starting Fuel

  • Emergency Tinder Kit

    Emergency Tinder Kit

    Manufacture ID: 8647A safe sure emergency fire starting kit that starts fires without matches. The Tinder will light even when wet and is non-toxic and odorless. Each piece burns 5-7 minutes.Specifications:- Contains: 8 pieces of waterproof tinder, 1...

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  • Fire Starter Stix 12-Pack

    Fire Starter Stix 12-Pack

    Manufacture ID: 20-310-169This 12-pack of Fire Starter Stix are ideal for quickly starting a fire, whether setting up camp after a long hike or in an emergency situation. Non-toxic and odorless, these quick and convenient tinder sticks will light even...

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  • Fuel Tablets

    Fuel Tablets

    Manufacture ID: 9565For use with Coghlan's Emergency Stove. A safe, clean burning fuel, easy to ignite, smokeless, odorless and non-toxic.Specifications:- 24 tablets per boxBoil Time:- 1 cup of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 3 minutes- 2 cups of...

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  • Light-me Tinder 8-Pack

    Light-me Tinder 8-Pack

    Manufacture ID: 20-02033-02These small Light-Me Tinder pieces are perfect for starting fires in the outdoors and in emergency situations. For best results, tear a piece off and expose the fibers inside before lighting.Features:- Provides 2-3 minutes of...

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  • Mag Bar GS260341_1

    Mag Bar

    Manufacture ID: 20-310-251Tried and true, the UST MagBar Fire Starter combines magnesium shavings and the sparks of a flint to start a fire when you need it. Use the serrated edge to shave off magnesium into a pile, then use the other edge to strike the...

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  • Tinder Quik

    Tinder Quik

    Manufacture ID: 0140-0006Tinder Quik is waterproof and windproof and burns for up to two minutes, giving you plenty of time to get a campfire going. Combined with the SOL Fire Lite waterproof sparker, you will be able to start a fire in any conditions...

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  • WetFire Tinder - 5-Pack GS260305_1

    WetFire Tinder - 5-Pack

    Manufacture ID: 20-1WG0412-BX5Lightweight, safe, and easy-to-carry, UST’s WetFire Tinder is guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions. Requiring just a small amount of tinder to build a fire, you can shave off a small piece or use the entire cube...

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