Fire Strikers

  • Fire Starter Magnesium

    Fire Starter Magnesium

    Manufacture ID: 2000014858Don't worry about packing matches or a lighter when you have the Coleman Magnesium Fire Starter. This tool may be the size of a pocket knife, but it's large enough to produce the sparks you need to start a fire big enough for...

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  • Flint Striker

    Flint Striker

    Manufacture ID: 15136To get your fire started faster, this Texsport Large flint striker uses an 8 millimeter diameter flint rod with a steel striker. The contour plastic handle gives this striker a comfortable and easy grip and it's compact size makes it...

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  • Flint Striker Fire-Starter

    Flint Striker Fire-Starter

    Manufacture ID: 1005This ferro-cerrium fire-starting tool lasts for thousands of strikes! Pushing the striker provided down the rod emits sparks to light combustibles. Fireproof in solid form, the tool works just as well when wet. For use in any weather...

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  • Heritage - Survival Kit GS301241_1

    Heritage - Survival Kit

    Manufacture ID: 20-12058The Heritage Survival Kit includes the necessities to help survive an emergency situation stored inside a lightweight, compact tin. Versatile metal tin is useful in many emergency and survival situations. Bring this kit along on...

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  • Magnesium Fire Starter - 51392 GS51392_1

    Magnesium Fire Starter - 51392

    Manufacture ID: 7870A must for every field trip. The fire starter uses magnesium, a flame source of 5400 degree F (2982C). One fire starter should provide sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires.

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  • Micro SparkWheel GS260249_1

    Micro SparkWheel

    Manufacture ID: 20-02032-02The Micro SparkWheel is a small, reliable fire starter that will generate sparks in cold, wet, and windy conditions. Works great in combination with UST Light-Me Tinder.Features:- Made of durable, high-quality brass- Includes...

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  • ParaTinder Bracelet

    ParaTinder Bracelet

    Manufacture ID: 20-02991The ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Firestarter is an amazing innovation in emergency preparedness. It combines life-saving fire tinder and 550 paracord for the ultimate gear duo. The addition of a single tinder thread allows this...

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  • TekFire - LED Fuel-Free Lighter, Gray

    TekFire - LED Fuel-Free Lighter, Gray

    Manufacture ID: 20-12425The lightweight and compact TekFire LED Fuel-Free Lighter allows for quick and easy fire starting and features a bright LED light. Windproof, flameless, and electronic, it requires no butane fuel or adjustments for altitude. The...

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