Feeders & Accessories

  • 30-gallon FeedCaster

    30-gallon FeedCaster

    Manufacture ID: MFF-12655The Moultrie 30-gallon FeedCaster Fish Feeder helps you grow bigger, healthier fish. The 30-gallon FeedCaster is capable of harboring 100 pounds of tasty fish feed. Every lunker in the lake will come to the FeedCaster, which...

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  • ATV Spreader - Manual Gate

    ATV Spreader - Manual Gate

    Manufacture ID: MSS-12721Moultrie ATV Spreader 100 lb. Capacity w/Manual GateFeatures:- Large, tappered hopper with 100 lb. capacity - Secure, easy on/off lid - Convenient shut-off gate - Gate control lever regulates seed/fertilizer dispenser rates -...

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  • AutoFeeder GS193941_1


    Manufacture ID: WSBF02Wingscapes' latest innovation makes bird feeding easier than ever. Unlike conventional feeders, the AutoFeeder allows you to determine how much seed to offer — and when! The result: your feeder stays filled much longer and birds...

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  • Dinner Plate Kit

    Dinner Plate Kit

    Manufacture ID: MFG-12718The Moultrie Dinner Plate Feeder Kit dispenses feed on demand and can accommodate both corn and protein for maximum flexibility. The specially designed adapter included can be used to convert most barrels and hoppers to receive...

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  • Hanging Deer Feeder - 15 Gallons Directional

    Hanging Deer Feeder - 15 Gallons Directional

    Manufacture ID: MFG-13076Bring some direction to your game-management program. Using a directional shroud engineered for maximum feed-casting distance, this 15-gallon feeder places feed along a narrower 30-degree path. Bring game into open view along...

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  • Metal Spin Plate and Funnel Kit

    Metal Spin Plate and Funnel Kit

    Manufacture ID: MFA-13103Give your feeder a longer life in the field with this Moultrie Metal Spinner Plate & Funnel Kit. This aluminum spinner plate and funnel is indestructible to wind and varmints like squirrels and raccoons. The spinner plate and...

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  • Trophy Maker

    Trophy Maker

    Manufacture ID: MFS-13079Create a nutrient-rich mineral lick with this health-promoting supplement for deer. Simply apply a thin layer to your chosen patch of soil, rake it over to mix the product in and watch your herd thrive. When activity starts to...

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