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  • Aquaseal - .25oz UV Cure

    Aquaseal - .25oz UV Cure

    Manufacture ID: 10612Aquaseal UV Ultraviolet Cure adhesive cures in seconds when exposed to the sun. Ideal for creating truly instant stream-side repairs! Solvent free formula works in both overcast or full light conditions. Stronger than any other UV...

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  • Boot Dryer - Select Dry

    Boot Dryer - Select Dry

    Manufacture ID: 02136Consuming minimal power wattage, the Simple Dry is both economical and safe to use on all types of footwear and gloves, without fear of shrinking or stiffening. Having no moving parts, it works in complete silence as it dries boots...

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  • Boot Dryer - Travel Dry

    Boot Dryer - Travel Dry

    Manufacture ID: 02139The Travel Dry is a state-of-the-art, breakthrough in portable convection drying. The open frame design with the large aluminum heat sink brings new speed and energy efficiency to convection drying. Sandwiching an advanced silicone...

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  • Boot Dryer - Travel Dry Dx

    Boot Dryer - Travel Dry Dx

    Manufacture ID: 02140Travel Dry DX was developed utilizing wind science principles to blend ram-air induction with the thermal convection philosophy. Fresh air is drawn over the thermal heating elements with a fan and gently vents warm air throughout the...

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  • Clothes Clips 8 Pack

    Clothes Clips 8 Pack

    Manufacture ID: 8041Colorful plastic coated wire clips that are strong and will not bend or break. Unique design allows clips to be permanently attached to clothesline. Features:- Colorful plastic coated wire clips - Strong, will not break or bend...

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  • Dual-Adjust Buckle

    Dual-Adjust Buckle

    Manufacture ID: 80345A broken buckle doesn't mean the end of your favorite piece of outdoor gear. Replace buckles quick and easy with the Dual-Adjust Buckle by GEAR AID. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the Dual-Adjust Buckle offers a no sew...

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  • Emergency Poncho - Clear, PDQ, Package of 18

    Emergency Poncho - Clear, PDQ, Package of 18

    Manufacture ID: 20-310-CP18Ultra-lightweight and compact, the UST Emergency Poncho, PDQ 18-ct keeps you dry when you need protection from outdoor elements. Made of durable polyethylene, one size fits most. Weighing 1.3 oz., it measures 50 x 40 inches...

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  • Laundry Reel GS96772_1

    Laundry Reel

    Manufacture ID: 8512Strong nylon rope with 2 brass hooks. Sturdy ABS plastic construction.Specifications:- Weight: 2 1/2 oz.- Length: 21'

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  • Mini-Biners - 5 mm

    Mini-Biners - 5 mm

    Manufacture ID: 9660These biners are convenient as they allow for you to easily open and attach items without allowing them to become detached on their own. The biners are made of strong and durable anodized aluminum. Features:- Nickel-plated brass body...

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  • Revivex - Down Cleaner, 10 oz

    Revivex - Down Cleaner, 10 oz

    Manufacture ID: 36287Down Cleaner by GEAR AID and you can clean your favorite down like a pro without the expensive bill. This gentle formula preserves natural oils to restore the loft and warmth you thought was gone forever.Perfect for all down,...

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  • Revivex - Odor Eliminator, 10 oz

    Revivex - Odor Eliminator, 10 oz

    Manufacture ID: 36135Mildew smell, body odor, pet odor, mold odor and other unpleasant aromas can ruin expensive gear.When washing just isn’t enough, you need the odor eliminating power of Revivex Odor Eliminator, previously known as Mirazyme. Rather...

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  • Revivex - Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo, 10 oz

    Revivex - Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo, 10 oz

    Manufacture ID: 30140You know the smell: wetsuit funk. It’s not pretty, but it is preventable and so is the chlorine and salt damage that shortens the life of your expensive neoprene gear.Just use Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo on booties, gloves, fishing...

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  • Rubber Boot Saver 4 oz

    Rubber Boot Saver 4 oz

    Manufacture ID: 22600Sun damage, blooming and excessive drying can wreak havoc on rubber boots. To keep rubber looking and performing its best, reach for Rubber Boot Saver by Gear Aid. Rubber Boot Saver is a rubber conditioner and UV protectant that not...

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  • Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner

    Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner

    Manufacture ID: 87154Sea Buff Pre-Cleaner and Sea Drops Anti-Fog combo pack.Sea Drops Features:- Lens cleanser and anti-fog in one- Long lasting scuba mask anti fog drops- Quick, easy, in-field application- Non-abrasive, safe for all glass and plastic...

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  • Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel

    Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel

    Manufacture ID: 87158When you’re scuba diving or snorkeling, there’s nothing more annoying than a fogged-up dive mask. So why mess around with just any anti-fog treatment? De-fog with Sea Gold.Sea Gold by GEAR AID is a powerful formula that lasts longer...

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